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Let It Simmer

Grace and Fury - Tracy Banghart

I’ve posted quotes from this book before but now that it’s finally been released to the masses, I implore people to send any teen girls they know to read it. It’s one of those titles that, while it entertains (there’s a fight to the death island, guys!!!), there is this subliminal theme that manages to teach without being preachy. Every girl I’ve passed it along to returns it with “yeah, it was okay…” and then a week later comes back with “hey, you remember that book? Well, I’ve been thinking about it and…”



It’s about family values and loyalty, it’s about defying convention, it’s about following the rules (and breaking them) and learning how to define yourself when the world is against you. It’s about rebelling when you have no rights, the true definition of freedom for women, and finding confidence and strength in yourself. AND YET IT’S NOT BORING AS HELL!!



It’s a short book, a very fast read, and one that won’t be an instant hit but will be one that keeps people thinking and talking long after because you realize something else about it every time you remember a single scene. While I recc books all the time, it’s super rare I actually PUSH one and I’m totally doing that here. Read it. Be a bit disappointed. Then let it simmer and you’ll understand